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The CIOOS data catalog is built on the Comprehensive Knowledge Archive Network(CKAN) web portal platform.

CKAN is the world leader in this type of open source catalog. It provides access and use of data - providing tools to streamline the publication, sharing, retrieval and use of data (including data storage and provision of robust API data).

CKAN enjoys an important recognition in the movement of open data. It is used by governments and user groups around the world and allows the operation of a variety of official and community portals. These include local, national and international governments, such as, in the United Kingdom, for the European Community, in Brazil, Dutch government portals and the Netherlands.

More specifically in the field of ocean observations, CKAN is used by the US. Integrated Ocean Observing System (US IOOS).

CIOOS chose CKAN for its flexibility in terms of integration of different types of source files, interoperability and interconnection with other systems, but also for its extensions Allowing the consultation and visualization of data.